What’s New (Page 4)

What’s New (Page 4)

Jesus Born in Haiku

Here is a meditation on the birth of the Lord Jesus by Lance.  The Haiku form of poetry uses seventeen sound units in three phrases of 5-7-5 sounds respectively.  (Unable to verify artist of the delightful watercolor used as background, and have enjoyed it separately for a time.)

Reliability of the Bible Text Explored

Mainstream media promotes several books that give a cynical answer to the question of how we got the Bible.  Highly prominent is author and scholar Bart Ehrman who wrote Misquoting Jesus. His concern in asking how we got the Bible is certainly good.  However, it is difficult to get a complete, and therefore adequate picture from what has become the typical mainstream discussion.  For a well-rounded and very accessible discussion of Biblical Reliability, I have linked to  Greg Koukl’s latest 10…

Romans Rap by Professor Gagnon

Robert Gagnon is a Professor of New Testament and held a meeting for Forest Home several years ago.  Here is “The Professor” doing a highly informative rap “song” about Romans: