Forest Home is a family of ordinary people seeking to follow in the footsteps of an extraordinary Jesus. 

We believe the kingdom of heaven is present and real and that God loved all people so much that He sent His Son Jesus as the only perfect, saving sacrifice to rescue us from sin and give us true life forever. 

We recognize Jesus as God’s exact likeness on earth and esteem the Bible as His inspired, authoritative word, relying on the Spirit daily to lead us in grace and truth. We look to Jesus as the best example of how to love others. 

Forest Home meets each week to praise and worship God, to learn from His Word, and to encourage and pray for one another. We gather as a fellowship of imperfect people. Imperfect, but redeemed. Because of His great love, we have great hope. 

Come join us.

Teaching and Preaching

Forest Home is blessed with several men experienced in teaching and preaching the Word of God. Rather than having a full-time paid minister on staff, we invite a rotation of them to preach on Sundays. After sermons, any member of the body can share his or her response to the lesson. In this way, our church family learns and grows together, challenging, questioning, encouraging, and praying for each other as we share how God is working in our daily lives.

Forest Home also has thriving classes for children and adults where we seek to learn from God’s living and active word.


As brothers and sisters and part of the larger body of Christ, Forest Home elects a team of elders every four to five years to help guide our congregation. The elders’ primary calling is to serve, lead, and minister to FH members. They are also available for prayer and teaching, and, with counsel from deacons, they help decide how to best steward the weekly contributions.