Movie Morning in Class

Movie Morning in Class

Here are the links to the four film clips we watched in class in case you want to review them.  We hope these enrich and show that the class theme is supported on the highest academic levels.  For instance  1) Jim’s class presentation on self criticism as an aspect of Christian heritage is supported by Judge’s observations on Humility, and 2)  Lance’s class on the Christian heritage of  “peace as a method–making peace rather than revenge”–is likewise corrobortated.

Three clips by the Centre of Public Christianity (CPC) are interviews of the Cambridge trained classicist Edwin Judge.  The other CPC clip is an interview with David Bentley Hart, the University of Virginia trained theologian and culture critic who wrote one of the the books for our course, Atheist Delusions.

Judge on the Good the Bad and the Ugly of Christianity (click to view)

Humility: a Christian Legacy (click to view)

Nostalgia for a Pagan Past (click to view)

Constantine\’s Legacy (click to view)


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