Auditorium Class: The Christian Revolution Readings

Auditorium Class: The Christian Revolution Readings

Class illustrated in a Microcosm: More God, Less Crime

As class comes to an end, let us consider testing the Christian Revolution hypothesis on a micro-cultural scale.  In other words, we have seen considerable evidence of how Christ has positively changed things across time and cultures in general.  I propose considering how Christ makes a difference in micro-cultures–the various groups of people who form what would be identified as their own subculture within a larger cultural context.  For instance, prison life would be such a micro-culture.  What does the…

Science and the Church in the Middle Ages

The last major component of our class has considered the Rise of Modern Science.  Thanks to Todd Austin for his sessions on framing an understanding of the history of the conflict between Science and the Church.  Here is a delightful lecture by James Hannam given to the Royal Society on the topic of “Science and the Church in the Middle Ages.”   It has some good slides and is around 43 worthwhile minutes. Hannam Lecture  (click to hear and view)…

Influence on Music Links from David Boyd

akousate (early greek music) Melos Archaion (early Greek music) ambrosian chant \”Kyrie\” Gregorian chant \”Agnus Dei\” O Pastor Animarum, Hildegaard Von Bingen \”Aguns Dei\” from Le Messe de Notre Dame Guillaume de Mauchant \”nunc Dimittis\” Giovanni Palestrina performed by Tallis Scholars \”vigilate\” William Byrd Tallis scholars Sanctus in D J S Bach \”Sanctus from B minor Mass\” J S Bach \”all we like sheep\” from Messiah G F Handel  (need to hear the last bars of this one for the…

Reading for Crusades Part 2 from Jim Mc

Tom Bostom’s two part article on the often neglected context for the crusades.  For easier reading might consider print format. Jihad Begot the Crusades Part 1 Jihad Begot the Crusades Part 2 Timeline for Jihad and Crusades (click to view)  

Class main Text wins 2011 Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing

“The Michael Ramsey Prize is intended for theological writing which, by freshness and originality, somehow changes the theological landscape, and also serves the needs of the Church …  ”  We are glad to see confirmation of our high recommendation of David Bentley Hart’s book,  Atheist Delusions, by its winning the 2011 Michael Ramsey Prize last month. Michael Ramsey Prize 2011 (click to view) So what if I don’t have time this summer to read the artistic and engaging Atheist Delusions?…

Background to the Crusades

Jim made available his lecture on the crusades here: What About the Crusades_Part 1 (Click to read)   Suggested reading to supplement Jim’s teaching today are the following: Onward Christian Soldiers? Christian Perspectives on War (Click to read on site) Christian Pacifism: Early Christian Views of War (Click to read on site) Reflective of a strong current of pacifism in our tradition, here are two articles with a different perspective: Ben Witherington\’s poem and comments on war (click to read…

Movie Morning in Class

Here are the links to the four film clips we watched in class in case you want to review them.  We hope these enrich and show that the class theme is supported on the highest academic levels.  For instance  1) Jim’s class presentation on self criticism as an aspect of Christian heritage is supported by Judge’s observations on Humility, and 2)  Lance’s class on the Christian heritage of  “peace as a method–making peace rather than revenge”–is likewise corrobortated. Three clips…

Overviews of Alvin Schmidt’s How Christianity Changed the World

Please find here some shorter pieces that grant access to Schmidt’s book, which is one of our texts for this course. Schmidt interview (click to view) The Sanctification of Human Life by Alvin Schmidt (click to view) Christian Book Summary of How Christianity Changed the World (click to view)  Great Overview  

Early Church History Time Line Chart

Here is a wonderful Time Line Chart created by Mark Barry who works with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.  Thanks to Mark for his permission for Forest Home to use it. Early Church History Time Line (click to view)