Seven Reasons for Christian Belief

Seven Reasons for Christian Belief

Seven Reasons for Christian Belief  (click to view)

As bulletin articles are necessarily sketchy, the following link permits a more detailed engagement along these lines:

God: The Best Explanation by Paul Copan   (See especially the Worldview Chart pages 103–104 in the chapter)

For those seeking a more academic, scholarly level engagement: please enjoy the articles in The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology (2009) edited by William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland.

Most of all, Pontius Pilate’s situational question is everyone’s question:  What will I do with Jesus?   For those grappling with Jesus in Historical context, two helpful, competent, and open-minded scholars writing in this area are N.T. Wright and Ben Witherington.  And of course, there is nothing like reading the Gospels.



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