Class illustrated in a Microcosm: More God, Less Crime

Class illustrated in a Microcosm: More God, Less Crime

As class comes to an end, let us consider testing the Christian Revolution hypothesis on a micro-cultural scale.  In other words, we have seen considerable evidence of how Christ has positively changed things across time and cultures in general.  I propose considering how Christ makes a difference in micro-cultures–the various groups of people who form what would be identified as their own subculture within a larger cultural context.  For instance, prison life would be such a micro-culture.  What does the scientific data say on Christian faith-based help in the prisons?  Fortunately the evidence has been surveyed by professional sociologist, Bryon Johnson in his new book by Templeton Press entitled, More God, Less Crime.  The title of the book represents the conclusion of years of sociological study.





Here is a link to a short mention of the book by Chuck Colson, of Prison Fellowship.

More God, Less Crime  (click to view)



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