Marriage Integrity

Marriage Integrity

Marrige Integrity

Here is a poster I adapted for the concept of Marriage Integrity.  In our current talking culture’s hourly attack on what is labelled traditional marriage, it is difficult to respond without being slandered by supposedly “progressive”  redefinitions.  For instance, to adopt their politically biased terminology and speak of a “ban” on X marriage is to forestall rational discussion of the issue.  To label someone as “banning X” is simply bald assertion and begging the question.   Nothing is being banned.  The integrity of marriage is simply being maintained.  Note the red equal sign on the thought police is there to mimic the “marriage equality” sign and movement whose talking class majority are swift to label and libel (meaning marginalize) those on the “wrong side” of political correctness.   The rainbow colored “marriage” is to show that natural marriage (joining a man and a woman) continues to unite men and woman across a rainbow of diversity.




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