Prayer for Teachers, Administrators, and Students

Prayer for Teachers, Administrators, and Students

Lord we bring before you our precious children who enter into a new school year of learning, growth and discovery.

Let us learn to rest in how they are your precious children too.

We ask that our children may know the wonder of insight and thrill of learning something new every day,

Let them make good friends and be good friends

We ask your presence to strengthen their worthwhile endeavors and comfort their falling

Teach them to never be ashamed of knowing You and naming Jesus

and please fill them with more faith than we had in school

may they be willing to accept correction and learn from their mistakes

let them taste and see that You are good

work hard, play hard, pray hard, and like Jesus, “grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people.”

Lord, we ask your blessing on our Teachers and Administrators who have an important calling to lead children in growth

and learning.

First, protect them when the magnitude of their charge sometimes overwhelms, and almost forces on them a role of

being a parent, savior or messiah. May they find the rest that there is only one Savior and Messiah, You whom we


Grant them all a deepening understanding of their subject, clearer articulation in the classroom, and a growing sense of

your presence in their lives.

Let them be as Jesus said: “Wise as serpents, innocent as doves.”

Oh how they need vision from you, O Lord, to see the needs and possibilities of each individual student

Grant them wisdom and strength in knowing when to speak, how much to speak, and when not to speak

when to be bold, and when to be restrained and resourceful

Help them in their many relations with parents, other teachers and administrators

May you be with them in all endeavors that they may glorify you above all

May those who teach and those who learn find You to be the Source of all truth,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN


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