Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah

Isaiah #44: On Servanthood

This week we conclude the study of 2 Isaiah by looking at the concept of servanthood—what it means in Isaiah, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in our lives today. Resources from class: Slides from week 24

Isaiah #42: chapters 65–66

In Isaiah 65—66, God responds to the lament that was offered in the previous two chapters. As part of that response, he rejects our ways of trying to control our own future. Resources from Class: Slides from week 22

Isaiah #41: chapters 63–64

As we get closer to the end of Isaiah, we start to reconnect with the points we made in the earlier class sessions. This week, we talk about finding ways to get into the mindset of the original audience, so that the words take on deeper meaning. We also look at the structure of a community lament, and how this section of Isaiah fits that structure. Resources Mentioned in Class: Slides from Week 21 Scene from Band of Brothers (extended…