Isaiah #44: On Servanthood

This week we conclude the study of 2 Isaiah by looking at the concept of servanthood—what it means in Isaiah, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in our lives today. Resources from class: Slides from week 24

Isaiah #42: chapters 65–66

In Isaiah 65—66, God responds to the lament that was offered in the previous two chapters. As part of that response, he rejects our ways of trying to control our own future. Resources from Class: Slides from week 22

Isaiah #41: chapters 63–64

As we get closer to the end of Isaiah, we start to reconnect with the points we made in the earlier class sessions. This week, we talk about finding ways to get into the mindset of the original audience, so that the words take on deeper meaning. We also look at the structure of a community lament, and how this section of Isaiah fits that structure. Resources Mentioned in Class: Slides from Week 21 Scene from Band of Brothers (extended…

Isaiah #40: chapters 60–62

Isaiah 60—62 are the climax of this section of the book. This week we talk about end times and name changes. Resources Mentioned in Class: Slides from Week 20 Clip from Roots (warning: this is hard to watch)

Isaiah #39: chapters 58–59

What does God expect of his people? In Isaiah 58—59 he says that the people’s acts of righteousness do nothing for them. He then goes on to describe the type of behavior he is looking for from them. Resources from class: Slides from Week 19 Saving Private Ryan Ending Scene

Isaiah #38: chapters 56–57

This week we read through Isaiah 56—57, the first two chapters of what some call 3rd Isaiah. In these chapters, God redefines who he considers his people to be. Resources Used in Class: Slides from Week 18 Opening Scene from Saving Private Ryan (this clip does not use John Williams’ original score, so it’s not as powerful. Watch the original if you can.) The Onion: Local Church Full of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week (Warning: The Onion is a satirical…

Isaiah #37: Introduction to 3 Isaiah

This week we begin our transition to the last section of Isaiah, sometimes called 3rd Isaiah, which covers chapters 56–66. Video presented in class: Casting Crowns — Christmas Bells Slides from Week 17

Isaiah #36: The Search for Shalom

As we prepare to move from 2nd Isaiah into 3rd Isaiah, we zoom out to look at one of the themes that is in play throughout the book: shalom. We examine how Isaiah teaches about all the wrong places to find it, as well as where he says it can be found. A Source Critic Looks at Downton Abbey

Isaiah #35: chapters 54–55

In Isaiah 54 and 55 God invites his people to participate in his peace, following the redeeming work of the Servant in chapter 53. That peace is what they (and we) were seeking all along, but they had been looking in the wrong places. Slides for Isaiah 54–55