Sermons by Todd Austin (Page 9)

Sermons by Todd Austin (Page 9)

Genesis #12: Full Circle

The class discusses the comparison of the standard interpretations that were discussed in week 1 with the “first reader” interpretation from week 11.

Genesis #7: Cosmic Temple

The class on Genesis 1 continues with an examination of how the ancient author and hearers/readers would have heard a Cosmic Temple story that we don’t usually see.

Genesis #5: Functional Ontology

The class covers the difference between a functional ontology and a material ontology, as presented in John Walton’s books and presentations. Genesis 1 Week 5 Youth Group Notes Genesis 1 Week 5 Slides

Genesis #1: Introduction

Todd Austin introduces the study of Genesis 1. This class includes the instructions to the youth group on taking notes, as well as an overview of some of the views on how to interpret Genesis 1. Genesis Slides Week 01 Genesis Class Notes 01