Sermons by Todd Austin (Page 9)

Sermons by Todd Austin (Page 9)

Isaiah #25: chapter 40

This week we begin with Isaiah 40, the “introduction” to the next section of the book. The goal of this reading is for us to experience the text as a whole. The best way to experience poetry of any kind is to read it aloud, so that’s what we do in this class. Slides for Week 5

Isaiah #24: the five audiences of Isaiah

In this session we discuss the five audiences of Isaiah. If we remove the perceptions we carry that put distance between us the original hearers of a text, then we can be more receptive to that text’s continuing message for us. Isaiah Audiences Bookmark Slides from Class Jimmy Stewart: Shenandoah Prayer Eddie Money w/ Ronnie Spector – Take Me Home Tonight The Ronettes: Be My Baby  

Isaiah #23: Context of pagan idolatry

Idolatry is one of the main topics of interest. If we’re going to understand and apply the text to ourselves in 21st century America, then we need to set aside our cultural prejudices and try to really understand what they were struggling with. Then we can start to identify with them and understand how this text is just as much for us as it is for them. Slides from class Outside reading for week 3 New York Times article: If…

Isaiah #22: Why “2nd” Isaiah?

We continue our introductory work on 2nd Isaiah by looking at why some think chapters 40-66 were written by someone other than Isaiah, son of Amoz. In doing so, we’ll also gain understanding on the abrupt change that occurs between chapters 39 and 40. Slides for week 2 Outside reading for week 2

Isaiah #21: Introduction to 2 Isaiah

In this session we begin the transition to chapters 40-66, also sometimes called 2 Isaiah. For the next 2-3 weeks we’ll set up the rest of the book, so that we can read aloud large sections of Isaiah and experience it as it was intended. Content in this session includes: – Identification of 2 Timothy 3:16 as the “hinge” for our study – Four misconceptions that we have about Isaiah that prevent us from applying it to ourselves effectively –…

Cambridge #6: The Brain

Todd Austin teaches on the content from the third day of the Cambridge University course on faith and science. This class is on neuroscience and free will.